Кошка Картошка гипнотизирует людей

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В Интернете довольно много блогов о животных, которые привлекают людей своими необычными повадками, окрасом, способностями. Еще одна героиня соцсетей привлекает людей гипнотическим взглядом.

Хозяйку пятилетней Картошки (Potato) зовут Эшли Норлиен, ей 21 год и она взяла животное из приюта два года назад, пишет Esquire.kz.

Увидев кошку с глазами размером с картофелины, она поняла, что не уйдет без нее.

«Это была любовь с первого взгляда», — рассказывает хозяйка.

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What’s the craziest thing to happen to you in 2019? 👹 Id definitely say some of the wildest things happened in Potato’s life this year starting with that he’s become leash trained (mostly) at least I think I figured out the trick to walking this extra large load around, I always look crazy walking with a Potato but you guys seem to really enjoy the fresh pics 😹 because of this though I can take him places and he got to actually meet a cute lil family of 3 of his fans !! Like whaaaa that’s still so crazy to me, (ily guys and you were the sweetest btw !!! Miss u and I hope you all are doing super well !) I just can’t believe it though, I would have never predicted starting this lil account would ever turn into where it is today, its not really that important but I hit a lil milestone today with you guys 34k!!!! The Real Catato (just realized I’ve never clarified that it’s pronounced ca-tay-toe) has been stuck at 32 and 33k for a few months now so getting to where he is now seems like a really big step giving me the chance to step back and self reflect on how I truly accidentally got to where I am today, started the account for the meme and smiles to share Potato’s silly face and it does feel like I still have no idea what I’m doing 🤷‍♀️ which is why sometimes you guys see me disappear for a month or two at a time, because I really do want to post freely whenever I’m in a really good mood and just flat out when I want to and have the time to give you guys your time on here and respond to all of your comments! because I really want to keep the joyous and happy authenticity to the account so I can keep spreading smiles all around ! ^.^ and that’s really all it’s about ❤️ I love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope you’ve all had an amazing 2019 so far but if you’ve made it this far please tell me how your year has been and what’s made it crazy !! I always look forward to seeing what kinds of things you guys have to say! 😸🎃 #Cat #Instacat #Instacats #Meow #Instacat_meows #Kitty #Kittycat #Catofinstagram #Cutecat #Instapet #Catoftheday #Kittylove #Instakitty #Cateye #Catlover #Cateyes #Catlovers #Cutecats #Animals #Catlove #Catloaf #Mypet #Kittens

Публикация от Potato The Cat (@therealcatato)

Девушка сразу поняла, что необычные глаза питомца привлекают людей, а взгляд Картошки гипнотизирует их, поэтому завела для котика Instagram и стала постить туда фотографии.  

Сейчас у Картошки 34 тысячи фолловеров.

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